Monday, June 27, 2022

Franc Moody release groovy track ‘I’m In a Funk’

The musical duo from London, Franc Moody, are back with a new track after their EP ‘House of FM’ was released in 2021.

They have found inspiration from Daft Punk, James Brown and Jamiroquai and have developed a distinctive sound over the years. 

I’m In a Funk’ is a feel-good song reminiscent of classic house music with a groovy bass line, released just in time for summer. The cut is plucked from their highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Into The Ether’. 

The single is an ode to soul, disco and funk music and is laced with colourful melodies and guitar riffs. Meanwhile, the lyrics juxtapose this by being about broken dreams and "[Being] in a Funk and need[ing] somebody".

The track contains “themes centred around the imagery of the desert, a yearning for adventure and the surreal” as detailed on Franc Moody’s Instagram.

Following their debut album ‘Dream in Colour’, this track elevates their discography and pushes the boundaries further. While the song feels quite old-school and R&B, modern electronic and pop influences are laced throughout.

This song truly feels perfect for a summer’s evening just as the sun is starting to set and the perfect teaser for their upcoming record.

Emily Bundock


Image: ‘I’m in a Funk’ Official Single Cover

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