Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Spielbergs deliver a refreshingly dark contribution with their anthemic single 'Every Living Creature'

Foo FightersTitus Andronicus, Jimmy Eat World; these are a few of the legendary influences whose essence has been carefully extracted to lay the groundwork for Spielbergs latest single ‘Every Living Creature’. 

For the uninitiated, Spielbergs’ are a three-piece post-hardcore band from Oslo, Norway, signed to the powerhouse emo-loving independent label Big Scary Monsters. A band whose previous single ‘When They Come For Me’ is best described as the soundtrack to a Noughties coming-of-age film (think the tear-jerker ‘I’m Still Here’ from Treasure Planet). A very promising start then. But how does their latest single measure up? 

Spoilers: very well it turns out. 

Working towards their second album ‘Vestli’ releasing August 19th, ‘Every Living Creature’ is a welcome addition to their emotive brand of authentic guitar rock, reawakening your inner teenager. Lead singer Mads Baklien does an impressive job balancing the perpetual heartache of what lyrically is very much loud-and-proud emo, without going overboard. “You’re in love but you can’t forgive / You feel dead but you wanna live” and, “If every living creature / Has a reason to exist / I don’t know if I can’t see it / I can’t see anything” are all lines guaranteed to connect with those of us who request ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ instead of ‘Africa’ when given the chance. 

Satisfyingly transitioning from the songs trademark fierce guitar riff, to non-stop punky guitar chugging to long, overhanging chords, this is a blast to listen to. But where they really show their talent has to be the bridge two-thirds of the way through. Straying away from the traditional rock harmony of the previous sections, this is where you hear Dave Grohl’s influence the most; in all it’s glory. What’s more, they’re not done after that oh-so-satisfying final chorus. To garnish this well-seasoned emo banger, we’re treated to some chaotic noise rock. A refreshing direction, and a reminder that these guys are more than a flash-in-the-pan rock outfit. If they keep this up, we should have a particularly memorable album on our hands. Watch this space.

 Ashley Garrod
Image: 'Every Living Creature' Official Single Cover

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