Friday, June 24, 2022

Fox Evades releases her debut EP ‘Nothing but Our Dreams’

Hailing from the capital of the North, Manchester-based artist Jordan Mae (aka Fox Evades) has been blessing the DIY scene with her bedroom pop introspections since 2020 when she unveiled her debut single ‘The Heart That Drowned’. Fox Evades found her passion for music during the pandemic where she was immediately picked up by the likes of BBC Music Introducing.

Finding solace in the likes of rock veterans The SmithsThe Cure and Patti Smith juxtaposed to modern-day artists girl in red and The XX, Fox Evades has concocted her own unique brand of delicately composed pop-rock. Wholly self-taught and DIY, Fox Evades is paving the way for up-and-coming musicians who want to set the world right from the comfort of their home studios.

Releasing her debut EP, ‘Nothing but Our Dreams’, early last month, Fox Evades has been on a steady climb boasting delicate reflections. She holds a mirror up to her personal life and explores the ramifications of society for not conforming to pre-set standards, resulting in a “disdain for your own species”.

Talking on the creation, Fox Evades divulges, “This EP is the result of my past year locking myself away in my box-room studio. The hours I’ve spent tinkering and pondering this EP is unreal. The EP consists of six tracks, two of which haven’t yet been released. I’ve tried to be as honest and as relatable as possible with the lyrics in these tracks, which in turn can make you feel really vulnerable as an artist but it’s so satisfying to see the finished result, at long last. 

It seems that guitars are dying away in the music world which is really sad. My music is almost always written around the guitar as it’s the most incredible instrument and I feel it’s crucial that guitar music stays well and truly alive!”

Featuring four previously released tracks intertwined with soft new offerings, the EP offers a narrative of romanticism and guitar-driven instrumentals veined with longing and melancholy. With ‘Nothing but Our Dream’ Fox Evades sticks true and fast to her sentiment of keeping guitar music alive and kicking.

Sitting at six tracks long, the EP opens with the latest single to be plucked from the project, ‘Strange Forever’. Detailing the intimacies of an LGBTQ+ relationship, Fox Evades utilises dreamy guitar lines and percussion to add an upbeat nature to harmonic vocals and swirling melodies. Sitting firmly in the surfer-rock genre the bright number segues perfectly into second track ‘Bira’.

Starting off as a woozy slow burner, the dreamy ‘Bira’ features soft and hypnotic vocal intonations backed by a persistent drum beat that offers stability and structure. Offering up melancholy string sections, ‘Hibernate’ adopts a more solemn and juxtaposes the optimism found in the opening track. Featuring repetitive and light lyrics, the instruments are allowed to take centre stage as Fox Evades longs for simpler times.

Stepping over the hump, fourth track ‘Someday’ opens with a jaunty atmosphere that rings reminiscent of sounds penned by the likes of Peach Pit, and an early Circa Waves, before reaching its apex and smoothly transitioning into the swooning tones of ‘I Could’ve Died Right There’.

The EP closes with ‘Born To Sleep’ which offers a last dive into Fox Evades’ world. Opting for a darker tone, she tackles a narrative of intrusive thoughts and overcoming our fears, and takes its place as the sombre lullaby of the collection.

With ‘Nothing but Our Dreams’, Fox Evades paints a path through her psyche and gives listeners a peek behind the curtain of the DIY artist. Her evocative solo project is prepped for a promising year ahead, and if she sticks to her guns, she’s got everything in her arsenal to set the world alight.


Lana Williams


Image: 'Nothing but Our Dreams’  Official EP Cover

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