Friday, June 24, 2022

Seiichi Suggests There Is Nowhere Left To Run With His New Single

The Japanese American multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Seiichi has returned to release his latest single titled ‘Excuses’

The artist, who originally hails from Seattle has had a recent spike in online success lately and is becoming recognised for his talents not only in the US and here across the pond, but also in countries such as Taipei and Thailand to name a couple.  

The song starts instrumentally for four bars with a soothing guitar riff before Seiichi’s intimate vocal melody enters to ease to immerse the listener into the music. 

Lyrics such as ‘’We’re talking ‘bout things we really wanna be / I need a little time but I’m glad you’re here with me’’ emphasises the meaning of the track in terms of uncertainty surrounding life in general. It suggests how procrastination and a lack of self-esteem can lead to a downward spiral for many people who are able to resonate with the track.  

The chorus is backed by a straight 4/4 drum beat which helps to add more drive as well as increase the song’s dynamics slightly in between sections. The lyrics ‘’That was not the first thing you said / It will not be the last’’ suggests not only how relationships can swing back and forth like a pendulum, but also health and self-confidence as mentioned previously. This song has already received a warm reception globally and is undoubtedly going to have a great deal of resonance with whomever listens to the track.  

The artist has already established a relatively strong following across social media so be sure to follow and stay tuned to upcoming shows and releases. There is an upcoming show in his hometown of Seattle scheduled for July 23rd at Capitol Hill Block Party so save the date to anybody who may be in the area.  

Antony Bailey 


 Image: Provided by artist

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