Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Native Brings Out Electrifying Music Video For New Single ‘Changes’

The Native are capturing hearts across the UK with their energy and anthem-like song-writing abilities. Coming hot off the heels of their UK tour, the band has much more to look forward to with a summer of festivals ahead. Seemingly going from success to success, The Native have presented their newest offering: the music video for their newest single ‘Changes’.

A song about being brave enough to break out of the mould of everyday life, ‘Changes’ is an intensely relatable single. Instead of fading away into mundanity, the band encourages listeners to push back against those who shun people for being different.

Understandably, The Native feels passionate about this topic. This passion translates in their new music video. A three-minute offering filled with energetic performances and shaky cam movements, the video is charming and fun to watch.

This video was directed by William Noordewier and shot out at the St. Merryn Airfield in Cornwall, home to the studio where ‘Changes’ was recorded under the expert production skills of John Cornfield (producer of MuseOasisThe Stone Roses etc.).

Opening shots include the band members standing around a ruin looking over their surroundings. The middle of nowhere, by the looks of it. There is an element of boredom or even despondency to the first moments of the video. However one begins to see the band embracing their state, getting increasingly chaotic. These shots are interspersed with captivating moments of the band’s energetic performance in and amongst the ruins. This gives a flavour of what The Native must be like live – pure entertainment.

There’s something warm-hearted about this video. Even in and amongst the chaos, one gets the impression that the band is having a great time. Their energy is infectious.

Changes’ is out on all streaming platforms now and with a single this good? The music video is a must-watch.


Chloe Boehm


Image: Sophie Harbinson

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