Sunday, June 12, 2022

FireBug stun with new track ‘Change’

Hailing from America, ambient-rock outfit FireBug has captured the attention of fans around the globe ever since the release of their debut album ‘Season For Change’ in 2008. 

Taking influence from rock legends such as Led ZeppelinJimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, FireBug have been described as having a Chrissie Hynde-meets-Grace Slick 70's vibe” which shines through in their excellent penmanship. 

Having shared stages with the likes of Iron Maiden and Iggy Pop, FireBug have more than stamped their name on the rock scene.

FireBug are: Juliette Tworsey (Lead Vocal/ Electric Guitar/Piano/ Organ), Jules Shapiro (Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Organ/Moog Synthesizer), Joseph Noval (Bass) and Charles Wiley (Drums).

Featuring soulful vocalisations and soft percussive beats, FireBug’s latest cut ‘Change’ offers a sweet dive into the heart of the band’s ethos of melancholic offerings and classic rock soundscapes. 

The track is plucked from their full-length record ‘No Return', which was co-produced by Two Jays. Coming in at just over the four-minute mark, ‘Change’ boasts mellowed instrumentation and psychedelic-come-blues musings as it comes in with breezy guitar lines and softened percussive beats. Tworsey’s vibrant vocals take the limelight as the track takes its place as a ballad, before slowly crescendoing into a full-bodied rock number.

Speaking on their journey so far as musicians, lead singer Juliette Tworsey divulges, "cutting our musical teeth in and around local hot spots in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, has allowed us to connect on a deeper level not only with our music and fans but also with ourselves".

The colourful rock outfit are set to continue to take the rock scene by storm, and if ‘Change’ is anything to go by, we’re sure in for a treat.

Lana Williams


Image: 'Change' Official Single Cover



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