Saturday, June 11, 2022

Me and The Moon are sharp in new single ‘Cutting You Loose’

Me and The Moon are a charming duo who compose heartfelt and indie tunes – a breath of fresh air in the space they share with typically more pessimistic artists. ‘Cutting You Loose’  is a folky, sharp take on cutting off a toxic person in your life.

Ironically the song's rather upbeat production juxtaposes the pointed lyricism throughout which is reminiscent of Paramore and their single ‘Hard Times’

The result is a high-energy melody that makes the subject matter irreverent and light-hearted without undermining its seriousness – a careful balance they strike well. 

A poignant metaphor within the lyrics is “We were waiting for the thunder // But all we ever got was rain”. The blasé nature of this sentiment is powerful against the unassuming guitar and drum combinations.


The track prominently features artful and airy percussion that adds levity to the piece, which although delicate, has a technical edge that gives the track momentum. Sonically building to a release that musically demonstrates the core attitude within the song; the realisation that ‘Cutting You Loose’ is now a good thing. This is a refreshing take on the usually melancholic indie arrangements that we’ve come to see within the genre over the last years.


Jessica McCarrick


Image: ‘Cutting You Loose’ Official Single Cover 

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