Tuesday, June 14, 2022

George Ezra’s new single sends out the crucial message of self-love and how this can change a mindset wonderfully

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist  George Ezra, recently released his new single ‘I Went Hunting’ as the last preview for his new album. Since his single ‘Budapest’ rose up the charts internationally, Ezra has created an enormous fanbase worldwide, winning the Brit award for British Male Solo Artist in 2019. 

The song begins with a steady instrumental part, creating a sense of excitement and immediately setting the tone for a grounded, sentimental tune.

The first line “Lightning came the other day” introduces the song perfectly as it allows listeners to ponder the idea of nature and the natural world being able to influence the way humans think and feel. The first chorus describes losing all material objects in the ocean as a symbol of cleansing oneself, never wanting to go back to past mistakes and ways of life. He talks about wanting to find the root of an internal problem with the choral line“I went hunting/ Found a problem”; sometimes people surround themselves with distractions rather than facing what truly matters in life head-on. 


The repeated line in the second chorus of “Thinking it again” is accompanied by an instrumental crescendo, enabling listeners to really think about the effect material objects and influences can have on a person’s mental health. The music supports this idea by continuing to be a grounding tool and sense of sanity in the chaotic world of the lyrics; stillness is achievable and a support system is always there.


Ezra says “I’ve been working on me, are you working on you?”, tying together the feeling of suffocating in one’s own mindset with a message of encouragement to seek help and guidance. He implies that, eventually, a place of tranquillity, acceptance, and happiness will be found if listeners look for it. 


Abby Price 


Image: ‘Gold Rush Kid’ Official Album Cover


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