Thursday, May 26, 2022

Vassilis Reminds The World That Life Is Short

Independent Mancunian singer-songwriter Vassilis has been busy with the recording of his latest single ‘All We Have Is Now’ which is available across various online platforms including Spotify. 

The artist has performed with function and cover bands for over 15 years across the UK and has recently branched off into writing and performing for himself as a solo artist.  

The song starts in a subtle way dynamically with all instruments starting in unison for eight bars of four before the first verse. The first line of the song ‘’You say our love will find us in the end / You said our love will make things right again’’ sheds light on how hate, intolerance, and the unpredictability of life can wreak havoc on those who are most vulnerable. This track is ultimately a sign of the times that immerses its audience into feelings that something good will eventually happen after an endless trail of unpredictable twists and turns.  

The song steadily builds towards a crescendo where doubling of the vocals helps to create a soothing harmony as the record reaches its climax. There is an eight-bar outro which gently brings the music to its conclusion. This track is well worth a download and adding to the playlist. One of the best things about the music is the meaning combined with the way the message is delivered. ‘All We Have Is Now’ serves as a reminder that life is simply too short to waste a second when there is so much market volatility, violence, and disease in the world. The song suggests that humanity, or a lack of it, is the sole reason for humanity imploding on itself. 

Be sure to download and stream this single as well as staying tuned to Vassilis’ social media pages for upcoming gigs and release dates.  

Antony Bailey 


Image: Vassilis 

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