Friday, May 27, 2022

An Enthusiastic And In-different Take On Love And Life: Blake Releases ‘The Book On Love’

It goes without saying that love and life can be tough, confusing and difficult but often or not comes heavy inspiration. This inspiration turns into stories that can be turned into toe-tapping anthems that make you realise, that you’re not the only one. 

That is exactly what multi-instrumentalist Blake does in his latest album, ‘The Book On Love.’ 

Opening up the album, ‘Penelope Please’ on first listen it sounds like it could be a feel-good track with an upbeat tune that will leave you bopping your head with a smile on your face. However, Blake excellently uses juxtaposition within his lyrics to contradict the happy, go-lucky melody. ‘Penelope Please’ tells the tale of unrequited love, painting the mysterious Penelope in a positive light. She is something special but her refusal to commit creates a sad narrative that will resonate with many listeners. ‘The Circle’ combines pop with a folksy feel that sounds familiar to The Beatles’ ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.’  The track is cheery and is about life and learning to keep going despite the many ups and downs we may face. It is the perfect track to listen to if you need a little inspiration and a pick me up. 

‘Lost Ground’ takes on a more old-school rock style, with a subtle hint of surf. Following a similar theme to ‘The Circle,’ this track, a personal highlight, draws on personal experiences, hits a low point, and picks himself up. The upbeat manner of the song will make you want to dance around your living room as the perfect way to start the day. ‘Happy’ is in a more minimalist style but raises the powerful question, ‘are you happy?’ and what can be done to change that. Whereas ‘Walking Away’ is learning to walk away from the things that no longer benefit you. ‘Beatified,’ ‘San Sabastian,’ and ‘Until Tomorrow’ are all standouts in their own right, painting different pictures of relationships and showcasing Blake’s songwriting capabilities. 

‘The Book On Love’ is the titular track of the album and for good reason. Blake paints a vivid picture of fragile moments in a relationship and addressing them with your significant other. Blake pours his heart out with the lyrics ‘I’m not an expert, but I know when things aren’t fine.’ Closing the album with ‘Magpie.’ is a simple song where it is just Blake singing and picking acoustic guitar strings, with calming magpie chirps throughout. Reminiscent of The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’, Blake perfectly rounds up the entire album with ‘Magpie.’ Simple, yet sophisticated it is no doubt a satisfying ending. 


Blake has created an awesome album that tells an abundance of different stories without repeating himself. Each track holds a unique perspective with something new to offer whether that be theme or style. Blake knows how to write an album that perfectly encapsulates the indie and pop genres. A must listen, without a doubt. 

 Ana Joy King
Image: ‘The Book On Love' Official Album Cover

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