Thursday, May 26, 2022

As A World Seen On TV: Onism E Release 'Lin Manuel'

Onism E, an American, four-piece indie rock band are best known for putting their all into their music. The sheer emotion they are capable of conveying is captivating and this is no different with their latest single, ‘Lin Manuel.’

Drawing on personal experiences and themes, ‘Lin Manuel’ explores the hard-hitting reality that came with the lockdowns and the overall 2020 pandemic for so many. Onism E is able to effortlessly turn these negative experiences into art and an excellent piece of music that its listeners are able to connect with on a deeper level.

The track opens with an incredible and distinct bassline like no other. The only word that comes to mind is groovy, stepping right out of the 1970s. It’s nothing short of catchy and will instantly gain your attention. Then add a subtle guitar melody in the background that builds up alongside Eline Chavez’s vocals to create an epic track that will have you hitting the replay button.

Chavez’s vocal delivery is perfect, the lyrical content roll off the tongue and the delivery is full of sentiment, tapping into his personal experiences, reliving them to really connect with not only the song but listeners as well. The overall song, though distinctly indie rock also gives off a jazz-like characteristic with the style of drums really setting the mood throughout.

Onism E is able to create a vivid picture inside the minds of its listeners, taking personal experiences and relating them back to others so effortlessly it's iconic. The lyrics content such as ‘…sometimes I want to scream…’ paired with an upbeat tune creates a juxtaposition that is addictive to listen to and will have listeners coming back for more. The track ‘Lin Manuel’ is a perfect example of what the four-piece band are able to create and should be a must-listen this summer.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Lin Manuel Official Single Cover

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