Sunday, May 22, 2022

Lauran Hibberd shares her DIY vibe with new single ‘Step Mum’

English singer Lauran Hibberd, with a Spotify bio that just reads “bite me”, is paving the way for the style of Gen Z artists.

Coming from the Isle of Wight, the 24-year-old began releasing music in 2018 and quickly found her niche of witty one-liners, humorous lyrics and “slacker pop”, playing Glastonbury Music Festival only a year later on the BBC Introducing Stage.

The singer’s new single ‘Step Mum’ continues the heavy DIY vibes that will appear on her upcoming debut album ‘garageband superstar’. The track is absurd and cliche in all the best ways, stealing ‘00s movie tropes and trash rock with fun pop grunge riffs. Hibberd claims the inspiration for the single is just the lack of songs about step-mums, stating, "If you’ve been lucky enough to have not had one for yourself, you’ve probably already met her in a movie. I just realised there were not enough songs in the world about step mums, I had a big desire to change that. This song is as equally funny to me as it is scary for my dad. For legal reasons, this is not about my own stepmother."

The track is perfectly garageband, full of rock and roll, angry teen vibes but in the most hilarious ways. The song is immediately funny with its rebellious teen lyrics that would fit perfectly as the theme song for a ‘00s Disney sitcom delivered in her angsty, nasally tone. Although the singer claims her biggest influence is Weezer, this track feels very Riot Grrrl, similar to Veruca Salt and L7. It is simply the perfect song for screaming in a hot-pink bedroom covered in Tiger Beat posters. It fits the vibe of an artist calling her new music “chaotic in a good way” and it gets the listeners excited for the debut album, which is to be released August 19th.


Hope Orr


Image: ‘Step Mum’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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