Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Parlophonics Point Towards The Heavens With Their New Single

The Alternative Rock trio The Parlophonics comprised of Robert Horvarth, Fernando Perdomo, and Hugh Macdonald, have revealed their latest offering and it is sure to not disappoint. 

The song contains contagious melodies and a message to touch everybody’s souls from the first lyric. ‘Heaven Can Wait’ has in fact been well-worth the wait as it transcends musical boundaries and reaches a wide-ranging audience, taking a more subtle approach towards the music. 

The lyrics are sure to resonate with whomever tunes in and the track can be streamed on multiple platforms including iTunes and Spotify. 

The music begins with the instruments starting in unison for eight-bars of four before a delicate off-beat drum fill prompts the beginning of the first verse. The opening line ‘’And my soul just slides away/Through the window of my mind’’ depicts an image of dejection yet the song manages to uplift the listener by conveying a much-needed message of hope and strength that ultimately binds people together at a time where there is so much division.  

The transition between sections are subtle and often driven by gentle off-beat fills whereas the three-part harmony in the chorus is sure to raise the hairs on the back of many necks. The little guitar solo towards the end of the song embellishes what is a well-refined and polished track that is undoubtedly going to find its way on to many playlists across the UK and beyond. The music and lyrics ultimately seem to offer something pure and genuine at such a challenging time and is sure to leave its audience with feeling heartened.  

The British/American trio can be found across multiple social media pages so be sure to follow them, like their page, and stay up to date with their latest movements and releases.  

Antony Bailey 


Image: Official 'Heaven Can Wait' Single Cover

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