Wednesday, May 11, 2022

INTRODUCING: The Lowtones Release Their Debut Album 'Front Row Empty'

Welcome to the stage: The Lowtones. 

If you haven't heard, The Lowtones have released their debut EP, 'Front Row Empty', and it does not disappoint. Forming back in 2020, the Norwich-based band have found their niche, combining indie rock with the distinctive sound of the 1980's post-punk era. 

They take on darker topics and themes mixed in with pensive vocals and an upbeat sound reminiscent of Joy Division and The Cure legends.

The EP opens with the track 'Let Go.' The perfect opening as it throws the listener straight into their juxtaposing style. 'Let Go' follows the theme of breakups and unrequited love, a highly related topic. Lead singer Oliver Mavilio's bass-baritone vocals are enriched with emotion. He is not just singing the lyrics; he is living them, which can be heard in the song's chorus, '…I know it's time to let go…why don't you want me.' These heavy emotions contrast with the track's more upbeat sound, driven by uplifting bass and drum rhythms. 

'Funeral', as you would expect from the name, keeps things sombre lyrically with a dynamic range and percussions with dark melodies from both the lead and rhythm guitars that, alongside the deeper bass tones, it creates the perfect atmosphere, toying with the listener's emotions. This is a high point of the EP; very catchy and enthralling to listen to. 

Partly inspired by the anxiety in the world and the uncertainty out there, 'Alone' perfectly captures these emotions. Starting with a distinct and energetic drum beat, representing how the world keeps going despite feelings of isolation and despair. Pair this along with the track's bassline and guitar riffs. It all compliments the melancholic lyrics, and it is this juxtaposition that The Lowtones play with throughout the EP that shows their level of intricacy when writing their music. 

‘Near Misses’ feels more laid back and the more uplifting track of the EP. The drumming almost feels effortless; the bass and guitars are melodic and bright, and paired with the lyrics, it almost feels reflective. Coming to terms with who you are as a person, Mavilio’s voice oozing with confidence ‘…I am never going to change…come on and accept me.’ It's endearing to listen to. 

The final track, ‘Streets Of Shame,’ is quintessentially indie rock. It feels as though it is filled with nostalgia and almost dreamlike. The heavy drum percussion and deep guitars texturize the song and should have you convinced that The Lowtones know how to create a captivating track and an awesome EP.  

Front Row Empty is an impressive debut EP. The Lowtones have created a highly enjoyable listen that toys with the listener’s emotions. It plays with juxtapositions taking melancholic lyrics opposite upbeat tunes and rhythms consistently throughout. Reminiscent of the 80’s post-punk era with the distinct sound of indie rock feels refreshing and new, but the familiarity brings a level of comfort. A highly recommended listen for those in the woes of heartbreak or those seeking an enthralling listen. 

Ana Joy King


Image: 'Front Row Empty' Official EP Cover

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