Thursday, May 12, 2022

Redrum Society gives a soundtrack to the times with ‘Street Fights’

Redrum Society has gone through many evolutions as a band. Starting in 2008 in South Florida with four friends, Esperanzo Wilcox, Esdras Reymond, Zach Cohen, and Dylan Lerner all brought their different views and experiences of the world together into their music. Life happened to them all, and now Cohen is continuing to the spirit of the group out on his own.

He has released a 6 song EP, ‘Street Fights’ that embodies the spirit of “in your face” against-the-grain attitude.

This EP takes influence from funk, blues, and the classic alternative. The band states on their website that “Street Fights” is about the confusion, madness, disappointment, and bewilderment felt from frontman Zach Cohen’s observations of the events in 2020.” The lyrics here are very personal, but develop a persona of their own with this almost video game-like atmosphere. It recollects personal experiences and makes them relatable, passionate, and even funny. This EP cements Cohen’s vision to bridge a gap between indie rock and blues rock and is a strong and captivating listen for the entire 15 minutes.

Opening with ‘T Money Green Strikes Again’, a fun video-gamey introduction. The soothing announcer voice and electronic notes puts the listener in the mood for the rest of the songs. Following with the title track ‘Street Fights’. On their social media, the singer says the song specifically is inspired by his experiences at the Black Lives Matter protests, viewing opposing sides fighting at each other, screaming that the other is lying, and deeming themselves enemies.

He also claims the single’s style is inspired by The Rolling Stones ‘Street Fighting Man’ taking on a very bluesy, rock and roll sound that is explosive and gripping, and will certainly invoke passion in the listener. 

The next track ‘Look Out’ has a familiar classic rock feel to it as well. Lyrically, this one feels like a prelude to ‘Street Fights’ with the chorus repeating “look out a wave is coming”. This track feels like it’s the one warning the listener to the groundbreaking time ahead. The band jumps into that blues influence and into more personal songs with ‘Love You No More’, a track that discusses the guilt that comes with ending a relationship. The last song on the EP ‘With My One and Only’ takes on a Jack Johnson-y sound with its soft acoustics and funny lyrics. The track is full of funny little oxymorons about feeling suffocated by the one you love. The lyrics list terrible things this person has done (including banging his dad, which your one and only would/should never do) that leads into a chorus that repeats “I’m with my one and only / I’ve never felt so lonely”

The EP ends with the video game outro, paralleling the intro, with ‘You Haven’t Seen the Last of T Money Green’. Although short, it’s a musical jamboree with the incorporation of guitars, keys, horns, and energy, inviting the listener to jam along. RedrumSociety recognizes the impact that music can have on individuals when it reflects on the troubles currently facing society. It’s for anyone feeling confused, frustrated, or misled.

Hope Orr


Image: ‘Street Fights’ Official Track Cover

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