Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Green Suburban emphasises the limited time humanity has and encourages all to fill it with love and music in new EP

Singer/songwriter Isak Skoglund, producing music under the name Green Suburban, has recently released his new EP “II” and listeners could not be more excited. The musician is based in Stockholm in Sweden and brings various influences from the 1960s all the way up to the 2010s to create this surreal, malleable sound.

Green Surburban uses his lyrics and a unique style to create music to impress and please so many around the world; with a foundational genre of rock, he adds various layers of sound from the indie genre as well as more psychedelic rock to produce a distinctive, immersive sound of which he incorporates the lyricism of the piece effortlessly. 

His new EP ’II’ follows on from ‘I’ (released in July of last year) and consists of four songs: 'Rain Down', '23:59', 'A Stranger’s Song' and 'You (Sing/Song Läten)'

'Rain Down' kicks off with an incredibly moving, melodic guitar riff, elongating the last note in order to invent an atmosphere of peacefulness. As it repeats three times, the fourth repeat is slightly different and this allows the listeners to be transformed further into a world of fixation and ecstasy; it is unexpected and presents listeners with the perfect gateway to the harmonic noise of the rest of the song. As the drum introduces the first lyrics “looks like the sun is finally dawning”, listeners can hear the sound of positivity and joy, symbolising the comfort of a new day with new opportunities. 

The second song of the EP is ‘23:59’, an imaginative title raising questions and anticipation for the song itself. It opens with a guitar riff reflecting the individuality of European culture and subsequently invites listeners to sway in their seats at this unique creation whilst appreciating and celebrating the differences between each individual. The song has a tone of despair within it as the lyrics “I feel frustrated knowing everything’s not under my control” then “and falling to the ground before it can grow '' emphasise the reality of limited time and inevitable endings. Encouraging listeners implicitly to appreciate life whilst it is here; the title reflects upon the idea of the inevitability of a new day and the passing of time beautifully.

The penultimate track, “A Stranger’s Song” behaves in a similar way to its predecessors, however, the guitar melody provides a more upbeat tone to it. It’s repetitive and therefore comforting with its elegant simplicity allowing listeners the opportunity to really focus on the lyrics and the narrative story they tell; “I’ve been walking in circles for way too long” “I feel like a stranger when I’m walking down the street” highlighting the reality of feeling distant from others when separated from a singular person. People are humanity's best friend, with peers providing essential support and love for all in times of need as the line “for the first time/ I finally realised/ how much I need you” makes this clear, encouraging listeners to appreciate one another in a musically incredible way. 

The last track contrasts the other greatly, opening with the sound of a harmonica-like instrument (which repeats throughout the song) and providing a happier story of love and passion in its lyrics. The title itself focuses solely on one person (‘you’) and therefore implies a story of connection in the upcoming lyrics. The singer engages listeners with exceptional lyrics such as “Is it true we have a chemistry/ Or has my love blinded me?”  because they invite them to think about the true power of love as the instruments' unity reinforces this message. It ends with an instrumental sound before a final guitar strum, signalling the cyclical nature of love as it allows a musical gateway back to the beginning of the EP.

It is acknowledged by Green Suburban fans everywhere that this new EP exceeds even the highest expectations in its clever lyricism and use of instrumentals. All there is to do now and sit back and play the exceptional EP on repeat and eagerly await more music from this amazing artist.

Abby Price 


Image: Green Suburban ‘II’ Official EP Cover // Benjamin Hailu

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