Friday, May 27, 2022

Vance Joy finds jubilant ‘Clarity' on his new single

You probably know Vance Joy best from his 2014 hit 'Riptide', but the Australian musician is far from a one-hit-wonder. Slowly perfecting his sound since the early 2000s,

Joy has developed a reputation for upbeat indie-pop with heartfelt sentiment at its core. Among his repertoire of feel-good tunes are the gently melodious 'Like Gold' and the summery 'Saturday Sun'

His most recent release comes ahead of his upcoming third album, 'In Our Own Sweet Time', which comes out on 10th June.

Aptly entitled 'Clarity', the new track sees Joy injecting his signature mellow, folksy sound with buoyant horns and drums. It finds the singer experiencing a revelation about a past relationship and lamenting the time wasted, "so stuck inside my shell". "I wish I'd found this clarity," he croons, "while I still had you close to me."


But all hope is not lost. There is a sheer energetic force to 'Clarity' which is a credit to Joy's knack for a stirring chorus. It possesses all the euphoria of the climactic moments of a romantic movie leading up to the final grand confession of love. The song's lyrics only contribute to this cinematic effect with their dramatic imagery: "When the stars began to fall right out of the sky / And the seas were rising up, I had one thing in mind / It was you". 


However, the accompanying music video for 'Clarity' finds Joy not in the throes of love but playing Cupid to his ex-partner after realising she has more chemistry with someone else. It offers the track a greater sense of depth and frames it as a beautifully structured commentary on not being afraid to pursue what feels right. 


Vance Joy is heading out on a UK and North American tour beginning this spring. You can grab your tickets now and pre-order 'In Our Own Sweet Time' here



Eleanor Burleigh


 Image: ‘Clarity’ Official Single Cover

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