Friday, April 22, 2022

Power Pop-Rock Soda Cracker Jesus are Back With ‘Hoping For The Best'

Soda Cracker Jesus is the kick-ass alter ego of the extremely talented Rogan Lane. Known for electric and powerful anthems, Soda Cracker Jesus leaves listeners infatuated and lost in the music, the latest single, ‘Hoping For The Best’ is no exception. 

‘Hoping For The Best’ tells the tale of finding one’s way after a bout of sadness and trying to navigate through it with a glass half full attitude.’ Soda Cracker Jesus combines the smarts of pop, drawing inspiration from the likes of David Bowie himself with an added dose of eccentricity and a uniqueness mixed with rock n roll. 

The use of heavy drum beats could suggest a hint of sorrow, referring to the overall theme of the track, that slight sense of sadness just before a dose of optimism. Soda Cracker Jesus pays homage to The Kinks, as he juxtaposes the percussion with the use of uplifting guitar riffs and rhythms, embodying the rock n roll spirit. 

However, as the track progresses, Soda Cracker Jesus showcases his talents and influences, by using guitar distortion and extended solos in an adventurous composition that pays homage to The Beatles' psychedelic era that is also reminiscent of Pink Floyd, the Syd Barret years. 

Soda Cracker Jesus steps into confidence throughout ‘Hoping For The Best’ showcasing impeccable talent and songwriting capabilities. There is no doubt that this track is anything short of epic and energetic. 

The composition of the song just works perfectly, every element has its place and without it, it would feel as though something is missing. ‘Hoping For The Best’ is a contagious song, toe-tapping with a built-in rock n roll spirit that is fuelled by emotion. It truly is an exciting time for Soda Cracker Jesus.

Ana Joy King
Image: Soda Cracker Jesus - Hope For The Best’ Official Single Cover

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