Saturday, April 23, 2022

100 Gecs Crank Up The Volume With Their Latest Single ‘Doritos and Fritos’

Dylan Brady and Laura Les are the duo behind 100 Gecs recent success. The American Hyper-pop duo formed in St Louis back in 2015 and have witnessed a rapid rise in popularity thanks largely to their most recent singles ‘Mememe’ and ‘Doritos and Fritos’

The latter comes with a vivid music video which can be viewed on YouTube and is part of their upcoming album ‘10000 Gecs’. Their songs can be streamed and downloaded from multiple online platforms, including Spotify.  

The opening line ‘’I went to France to get some pants / I went to Greece to get something to eat’’ sets the tone for a frenetic, vibrant, and hyper-pop tune blended with an alt-rock and pop-punk twist. The post-production is where a lot of the work has been put into crafting their sound as the auto-tune on the vocals and the guitar riff combined creates a sense of living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia with no way out.  

The intro begins with the electric guitar playing for two bars of four before the drums make themselves heard with a simply yet provocative entrance. fast-paced tempo and intense backbeat pushes the song into a space that leaves its audience in a frenzy, gasping for air with little to sign of slowing down anytime soon. They are due to embark on a European tour in the summer with the gig scheduled for 11th August in Copenhagen and fans will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating hearing their new material in a live setting.  

Tickets can be booked online, and it is well-worth following their social media pages to stay in the loop for the release of their upcoming album and shows. These guys are packed with creative, innovative, and raw talent that is starting to burst on the ever-evolving music scene both here and in the US.   

Antony Bailey 


Image:'Doritos and Fritos' Official Single Cover

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