Friday, April 22, 2022

Marcus Valance Proves He Is A Hidden Gem On The Excellent ‘Yesterday’

Not every musician gets the recognition their undoubted talent deserves, and nowhere is this stark and brutal reality brought to light better than in the soothing tones of Marcus Valance. After touring with X-Factor winner Matt Cardle in 2016, Valance may have felt his inevitable rise was finally upon him, but the boy who had first pressed on those ivory keys at 5 years old may have to wait a little longer. 

If he keeps writing tracks like the emotional and inspiring ‘Yesterday’, however, wider recognition will surely be just around the corner. 

With a subdued intro of a ukulele and acoustic guitar paired together, the track starts like a sunny spring morning bursting through the cracks in the curtains, filling the room with hope and optimism for a future to be discovered. Valance soon gently breezes into the room with his trademark husk and understated vocals that match perfectly with the tone of ‘Yesterday’. As Valance sings “I’m not the same as yesterday”, we get a real sense of the yearning for paternal love conveyed in the track that is about the loss of his father. It’s a tale as old as time, yet one that has new life breathed into it, thanks in no part to the emotional tones Valance is able to impart upon us. 

The song forms its way into a vague kind of crescendo, as a deep cello and countrified harmonica allow ‘Yesterday’ to soar a little higher, yet the soft characteristic of the peak is in keeping with the mellow mood of the track. Not only is Valance an excellent singer, but he also knows how to build a piece of music that ebbs and flows like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. 

In essence, ‘Yesterday’ is a hope-filled track, no matter how emotional the subject matter may be, and it sounds even better in the now spring air that is slowly creeping across our shores.  

James Ogden 

Image‘Yesterday’ Official Single Artwork 

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