Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Alfie Templeman’s fourth release, ‘Colour Me Blue’ from his May album ‘Mellow Moon’

At just nineteen years old, on his third album, ‘Mellow Moon’Alfie Templeman delights with one of the first singles ‘Colour Me Blue’. Exciting, groovy and catchy are just a few of the qualities of this song. 

The pace is definitely in keeping with the style of Templeman, it holds a positivity that can’t help but feel good; a real dancing track described by the man himself as “a love song about that wave rushing through you that you feel when you fall in love.” 

Perhaps an emotion so strong the feelings and possible downcasts of that other person are so easily transferable between the pair of you. “Pick you up when you’re feeling down / I could be, I could be someone with you / Colour me, colour me, colour me blue.” There’s a bold message hidden there, simply deciphered as ‘if you need me I will be there'.

The vocals are quick, in the effect of a mutter. They’re gentle but still incredibly prominent with meaning, especially with the echoed chorus providing the different pitches and melodies. This effect adds to the groove of the track, like a group tune offering a similar sound to alt-pop star Dayglow.

With the entire album release coming on May 27th, ‘Colour Me Blue’ holds the reigns for top song so far to come out of ‘Mellow Moon’ as the anticipation grows stronger for the release of the whole record.

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: Official ‘Colour Me Blue’ Single Artwork

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