Friday, April 01, 2022

DECO Brings Optimism to Indie With ‘Change of View’

DECO is making a name for himself with the release of his latest single, ‘Change of View’. The upbeat track follows the release of February’s ‘I’m Doing Something (Right)’, his first single since 2020. 

The Virginia-based artist fell in love with blues guitar at age 17 and began promoting his music online after a few years of practicing and gigs. 

He states that “while blues is what got him interested in learning guitar, he’s quickly fallen in love with the upbeat, feel-good side of indie and alternative rock” (via Spotify). 

‘Change of View’ is certainly a feel-good track. It keeps with DECO’s signature cheerful acoustic sound while adding a little rock-influenced edge. 

‘Change of View’ playfully covers the topic of being willing to wait for someone who isn’t ready to love you. DECO approaches the subject with a certain lightness and acceptance, choosing to stay optimistic and enjoy the feeling of being in love rather than being too heartbroken that the timing isn’t right. Lyrics such as “We talk all day and night / And it probably don’t mean much to you / But that’s why I’m singing a love song / And I’m not singing the blues” let the fun of loving someone shine through, regardless of whether or not his affections are returned. DECO shows a surprising level of acceptance in the chorus, telling the person he loves, “Right now you need time to grow / Take it, I’ll be right here waiting.”


The track uses a catchy, upbeat guitar chord progression to create a signature feel-good vibe. The verses consist of only acoustic guitar and vocals, DECO’s raspy vocals highlighted by the sparse instrumental. However, the chorus takes it up a notch, bringing in electric guitar, a hard drumbeat, harmonies, and an infectious hook. This is a bit of a departure from DECO’s usual bare, acoustic sound, but the foray into a slightly harder style pays off and suits his voice perfectly.


DECO’s return signals the start of great things to come. His upcoming releases are sure to be hits packed with good vibes.


Bella DeSouza-Cook


Image: ‘Change of View’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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