Thursday, March 31, 2022

Introducing: ‘Tesco Roof’ by Groan Room

Groan Room are a Salford-based band made up of four musicians. The alternative rock band graced the music scene catching my attention with tracks called ‘Greasy Thumbs’ and ‘All and Oates’. Now they’re back with a new single called ‘Tesco Roof’ Back in March 2020 the band were given the chance to go to Abbey Road Studios to record their debut three-track EP.  

 Tesco Roof’ appears to be more nostalgic, melancholic, and more soft-rock. Most of the bands songs seem to look back on teenage years, reminiscing the awkward transition to adulthood and the struggles of fitting in and finding your people and your place in the world. The gentle, lonely vocals seem rather sad at first yet the song blossoms into an interlude of bright, catchy and rhythmic guitar sounds.  


Their experimentation with different styles is refreshing and honest. Producing a dreamy aura building up to a rising intensity towards the end of the song that finishes with drums. Their grunge, brit-pop like sound is echoed through their slacker-rock sound and instrumental guitar. This new single is giving big summer, romantic vibes, just in time for the season. Their songs are interesting, unique and perplexing, a new album will be greatly anticipated.   



Ciara Fearn 

Image: ‘Tesco Roof’ Official Spotify Single Cover 

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