Friday, April 01, 2022

Cassia’s latest infectious laid-back single, ‘Motions’, is sunshine in a bottle

Cassia has just released a catchy new single ahead of their upcoming album, ‘Why You Lacking Energy?’. It is a rather thoughtful and contemplative track and one that addresses the complexities of time. 

The track coalesces around the notion of the unrelenting passing of time, the universal worry that life is too short, and the fear that you aren’t spending your life the way you should. ‘Motions’ offers a counterpoint to this fear by reassuring their listeners that they are not alone with their thoughts and anxieties, all through the medium of upbeat and rhythmical soundscapes. 

The track is nostalgic yet completely fresh at the same time. Cassia has created the perfect chilled, summer-pop atmosphere, just in time for spring. The trio channels similar sounds to Vampire Weekend and Circa Waves with this new single. The catchy and repetitive chorus, alongside the subdued bass lines, transcends its listeners and forms a sense of escapism—particularly with the relaxed instrumentals and tropical aura that make you feel as though you’re on holiday. 

I’d highly recommend listening to ‘Motions possesses all of the summer vibes you need after a long, dull winter. With its happy-go-lucky melody and its dignified guitar flows, this new single is a definite future summer anthem for the indie scene. Whilst dealing with the idea of an uncertain future it’s refreshing to see a new positive-sounding perspective.  

Ciara Fearn 

Image: ‘Motions’ Official Single Cover 

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