Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Crawlers Create Chaos In The Pink Room

On April 9th 2022, self proclaimed “eyeliner rock band” Crawlers played at Manchester’s 250 capacity Pink Room, and It’s likely you won’t be able to catch the band in venues this small for much longer, given the excitement surrounding the band at the moment.

All tickets for this tour sold out within an hour, which speaks volumes for Crawlers' ever-growing popularity and having recently signed to a major label in the UK (Polydor) the future only looks bright for the band.

Opening the show was punk band Floor 4, who played a host of songs about gender, politics, and inclusivity. They were followed by Dollie Demi, who played songs such as ‘Unknown’ and ‘Ruby Lips’.

Finally it was Crawlers time, with singer Holly clambering through the crowd and climbing up onto the stage through the audience. Her energy on stage was electric, as she bounced and crawled all over the stage. The crowd looked up to her in awe, as she began their set.

The band have always made a point of their belief of inclusivity and this was demonstrated aptly by them inviting deaf fan Connor on stage, who used sign language to translate the band’s song ‘Come Over (Again)’ - With singer Holly congratulating Connor on being an inspiration and “doing so much for the deaf community”. Holly wrote the song about her own struggles and hardships. The track clearly resonated with fans in a live setting, with the whole audience screaming every word. That combined with the track having over 26 Million Spotify streams, speaks for itself. 

Perhaps the only disappointment from the gig was that the band didn’t play their newest single, ‘I Can’t Drive’ a powerful song which sees Holly open up about past relationships and how she romanticises everyday tasks (ie. driving) as a coping mechanism in her life, this can be heard as she sings Cause I can't even drive / I just needed something to romanticise My desperate life,”

The band played for just under an hour, playing the majority of songs from their short yet catchy and diverse catalogue. They ended their set with track ‘Placebo’ - a vibrant and heavy song, full of energy and passion, both leaving the audience satisfied with their performance yet also wanting more; and fans won’t have too long to wait as Crawlers already have their next UK tour announced, which will start in Bristol on Halloween, and finish in Newcastle in November. 

The band's current tour continues with a few gigs in the UK and Ireland before moving to the US in June. However, the band has also recently been announced as one of the supports for the My Chemical Romance show at Victoria Park in Warrington at the end of May which must be their biggest crowd to date! The fact that half of the band originate from Warrington should give them a home advantage and can surely only help to propel the band towards gaining a wider audience acceptance. 

Words and photos by Jazz Myatt 


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