Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The joy of life is beautifully expressed in Alfie Templeman's latest single

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alfie Templeman has released another fantastic single, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the album’s full release. 

Recording demos at the age of only 13, Templeman has been demonstrating his clear passion for music production, and immense talent, for 6 years; now, he is performing with acts in professional theatres around the country. 

The musician has earned an influx of interest and excitement surrounding his work since he left school in 2019, like a personal atmosphere of anticipation. 

The newly released single ‘Leaving Today’ immediately appears as heavily layered and subsequently a ball of enticement. The singer reportedly plays the Cello for the first time on a track, in an attempt to create “a mini-orchestra of terrible cello players!”, as stated in an interview. Listeners are blessed with an instrumental start, and a build-up of backing vocals until the lyrics begin, intensifying this excitement. 

The single reflects leaving home, a place of comfort and familiarity, to perform on tour once again; this is many artists’ happy place. Being on tour is an incredible feeling, one that cannot be recreated, and therefore gives Templeman’s new release emphasises passion. It is a time for him to “find some peace of mind” as the song dictates, and spend quality time with fans on stage, sharing his incredible music with as many people as possible. Sharing his battle with depression and anxiety only recently, this single provides yet another side to Templeman, a side of hope for happiness and the enjoyment of life’s wonders as the lyrics “it’s alright now I’ve seen the light/ I’ll be leaving here tonight” reflecting the positive effect music has on both the listeners and the musician themselves. 

His new album is set to be miraculous if this single is anything to go off. As the indie genre meets harmoniously with a joy-filled aura of happiness here, listeners are transported to a world of discovery. With this single almost as a sample for the upcoming album, Templeman’s new music is set to be otherworldly, springboarding him into greater fame and joy. 

Abby Price 


Image: Alfie Templeman ‘Mellow Moon’ Official Album Cover

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