Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Blu DeTiger’s latest single ‘Hot Crush Lover’ gives the ultimate "main character" vibes

Blu DeTiger blasts into 2022 with latest track ‘Hot Crush Lover’, her first release of the year and first single since her debut album ‘How Did We Get Here?’ dropped in March 2021. ‘Hot Crush Lover’ is an energetic bop filled with groovy basslines and a beat you can’t help but dance to.

Whether you know her from being the TikTok bassist, or from being the bassist for Caroline Polachek or FLETCHER, Blu DeTiger is establishing herself as a unique creative and force to be reckoned with.

She’s quickly progressed from breaking into the industry to featuring in Olivia Rodrigo’s Disney+ documentary ‘Driving Home 2 U’ and creating solid bangers like the recent ‘Hot Crush Lover’. 

The official music video, which you can watch here, features Blu DeTiger in a colourful wonderland that she said in a statement is supposed to reflect the feeling of “gaining some confidence and learning to have fun”. Blu definitely achieves this with this latest song as she exudes confidence with her signature blue bass and iconic outfit changes. 

Throughout the video, she gets drenched in blue and pink slime that falls from the sky. Although a fun and original image, Blu playing her bass and singing with her backing dancers also covered in slime, it leaves us wondering- is her bass ok??

The track’s high energy, fun feel simply radiates off the visuals of the video but also her lyrics, as she sings in the catchy pre chorus, “you gotta let your hair down and loosen up”, giving the listeners that main character confidence she naturally presents. Blu’s energy is contagious as she proclaims, “you’re too much and I’m an effin’ sweetheart”, showing how she’s letting go and being more free to appreciate herself and the possibility of someone else. 

‘Hot Crush Lover’ is the perfect track to lead you into the months of much awaited good weather and care-free summer vibes. On top of that, Blu DeTiger is set to tour this spring-summer and you can grab your tickets here.

Robyn Hill


Image: ‘Hot Crush Lover’ Official Single Cover

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