Wednesday, March 30, 2022

“Summers On Its Way!”: The Breakdown release latest single ‘Summer Song’

When thinking about summer, what comes to mind is a good playlist to accompany a day at the beach, a park, or even a long-winding road trip. The Breakdown’s latest single ‘Summer Song’ is that song to be added to your summer tracklist (or to just be played on repeat the entire time). 

The Breakdown are a London-based rock group with a knack for creating songs with stunning lyrics and catchy instrumentals. ‘Summer Song’ is no exception, merging upbeat jingles with bellowing guitars that help embody the sun and all things summer. 

The song also very cleverly demonstrates a mixture of emotions throughout the track. On the one hand, the listener is drawn in with the uplifting rhythm, a refreshing tune and a false sense of security that it’s everything expected for a summer-themed track; positive and happy. However, this is where the band’s true craft comes into play. ‘Summer Song’ thrives on this false pretence and adds in harsher themes and tones, with lyrics such as “You go to the place I don’t know / you say to get away/…and now everything you’ve ever said it all comes so true for you.”

 Is this a song about summer and romance in full bloom, or is it about The Breakdown and an added dose of jealousy?


The Breakdown have perfectly intertwined each element of the song together - from the pensive theme and lyrics, to the uplifting beat and rhythm, this track is something special and each listen will bring a new and refreshed feeling. There is no doubt that it is rock n roll in its finest, with incredible guitar solos that could bring a stadium to silence.


With clear influence from The Smiths, The Breakdown have created a stunning track that is refreshing to hear. If ‘Summer Song’ is an insight to what is to come then expect big things in 2022 and beyond.


Ana Joy King


Image:  ‘Summer Song’ Official Single Cover


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