Thursday, March 31, 2022

John Leslie Hulcombe releases latest ethereal pop tune ‘Sanctuary’

Introspective and deeply personal, John Leslie Hulcombe’s newest single ‘Sanctuary’ is a full and fleshed-out piece, with a run time of just over five minutes. This release requires a focused listen, with Hulcombe exploring softer, more mature themes in comparison to his previous singles.

Lyrically intimate, Hulcombe allows the listener deep into his mind, telling a colourful and vibrant story of life-long struggles and fears, whilst trying to find his ‘Sanctuary’. The mix is rather linear, but all of the musical aspects that are introduced as the song progresses add real depth and character. Beautiful guitar provided by fellow Aussie collaborator Peter Koppes (best known as a member of the band The Church) solidifies the ethereal feel as it is drenched in spacey effects.

Hulcombe’s vocals are soft and tender as he effortlessly croons out some of the most sensitive and impactful lyrics he has penned to date. He is accompanied by harmonious backing vocals at key points in the track, only amplifying the overall angelic feel of this track.


The last two releases “Love found a way” and “Born of the fire” showcased John’s songwriting abilities, solidifying his sound whilst showing off his clear talent for song composition. ‘Sanctuary’ differs from these tracks as it displays the ability to marry both lyrical ability with his aforementioned song writing skills creating a true sonic experience, allowing the listener to truly sit back and get lost in the music. 


This is a brilliant start to the year for the Aussie, with ‘Sanctuary’ showing clear sonic and lyrical growth, and a softer, more mature side to his lyrical ability.

Dan Jones

Image: ‘Sanctuary’ Official Single Cover (Press)

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