Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Tim Nova offers up catchy, romantic new track 'Fate'

UK-based singer-songwriter Tim Nova is a fresh face on the indie music scene. His first single, 'The Gift of Christmas', was released late last year, followed by 'Far Away' in January. And yet this short discography is enough to showcase Nova's skilled lyricism and penchant for combining emotive musings with an upbeat, folk-inspired sound. 

His most recent release, ‘Fate’, hit streaming platforms earlier this month. Where its predecessor, 'Far Away', saw the singer exploring the anguish of a long-distance relationship, 'Fate' is a track about destined love and the mixed emotions that come with it.


‘Fate’ starts slowly before a drumbeat kicks in during the first pre-chorus which goes on to anchor much of the track. The track’s chorus is not a triumphant crest but, rather, a sonic steadiness that symbolises that string of fate. Its second verse, meanwhile, ups the tempo and explores the longing involved in fated love with the lines, "last night I had the strangest dream / you were there but just out of reach"

And its bridge sees this string of fate reaching out into the future: "maybe one day when we're older, we'll meet again / life goes on, people change, but I thought you / were the one"


The song’s final moments, though, are muted and express a fresh wistfulness. The instrumentals are stripped back as Nova hints that the universe may not be so reliable in ensuring the future of his relationship: “Maybe fate can work its magic”, he sings, a slight uncertainty entering his voice, “and bring us together again.”


'Fate' is a song that has a distinctive vibrancy running through it. It wouldn't be out of place soundtracking the culminating moments of a coming-of-age movie. Perhaps because of this, its heartfelt lyricism is never overshadowed by its stadium-ready sound. It's a credit to Nova's already realised talent that these two elements so comfortably co-exist. 


An acoustic version of 'Fate' will debut on platforms this Friday. We can’t wait to hear what Tim Nova has lined up next!



Eleanor Burleigh


Image: 'Fate' Official Single Cover 


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