Friday, March 18, 2022

RedrumSociety Brace for the Fallout of a Bad Relationship on New Single ‘Stormy Weather’

Florida-based alt-rock band RedrumSociety, fronted by eccentric singer-songwriter and guitarist Zach Cohen, is back with a thundering new singlePulling sonically from blues, rock, funk, and soul, Cohen and company take us through the tumultuous nature of a toxic relationship and the inevitable resentment it stirs up on their new track 'Stormy Weather'

The track creaks to life with a billowing organ over staccato bass before breaking into a fuzzy guitar lick over tumbling drums. 

Rapturous harmonies accompany an impassioned vocal delivery of the first verse, "She stole my happiness, now things, they don't make sense / She stole my happiness and I want it back." 

This section is headed off with a Queen-esque Acapella section before moving into the second part of the verse. The end of the verse adds a plucked string and synth section, building the track’s rich textural density. 

From there, the track builds into a Bon-Jovi-style sing-along chorus with a marching drumbeat and descending bass line. Cohen sings, "Worked so hard to be happy just for you to take it from me / You're gonna find stormy weather and cry." The second verse follows a similar structure but with the synth and string section appearing earlier. The lyrics further illuminate the toxicity of the relationship and the effect it had on the narrator: "Now my life's one big mess and I'm under so much stress / She tells me I'm no good, I'm not good enough." 

Following this section is a stripped-back breakdown that repeats the refrain of the first verse over a steady tambourine. The chorus comes in one last time to cap off the track. 

'Stormy Weather' is a catchy and energetic song about an otherwise terrible situation. This is an immaculate and well-crafted single for any fan of stadium rock and heartbreak anthems. 


Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Stormy Weather' Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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