Saturday, March 19, 2022

Bakar offers a new perspective with his debut album ‘Nobody’s Home’

Arriving on the music scene in 2015, 28-year-old Abubakar Baker Shariff-Farr aka Bakar, an artist from Camden Town, London has been producing hit after hit. 

Since his debut single ‘Big Dreams’  back in March 2017, followed by ‘Small Town Girl’ his fan base has grown exponentially. 

Bakar has returned in 2022 with his studio debut album called ‘Nobody’s Home’, his best work to date; it is deep in its lyricism, yet playful in its melody.

The opening track ‘Noun’ conveys honesty and vulnerability throughout, setting the tone for the whole album. His music contains a mixture of indie rock, alternative pop, and rap, a rather unique blend of sounds that works beautifully. Bakar’s talent is evident with this new album. He echoes elements of King Krule, with his dark lyrics and emotionally deep sounds in ‘Ginger Pubes’ and ‘Reclaim!’ yet never fails to give us a rhythmic chorus that’s catchy and addictive. His style and voice add flair to the authenticity of his craft. 

Bakar is trying to represent and reclaim his Islamic faith through music for a new progressive generation, as he states in a recent interview for DIY Magazine that the meaning behind third track ‘The Mission' is “ultimately about peace but so often our symbols and flags have been hijacked for the wrong purposes.” Bakar also produced a song back in 2018 called ‘Dracula’ and the release of his newest debut album just a few days before the premiere of The Batman, contributes to the ethos behind the album. That notion of rooting for the underdog and promoting equality and fairness. His collaboration with Celeste on a track called ‘Gotham’, offers a moment of contemplation, a softer track with gloomy instrumentals and mature lyrics


He addresses a lot of big issues throughout this album, from how it feels to be an immigrant, to the ambiguities of finding his identity and soulmate. His music is growing with him and it’s profoundly captivating to listen as he explores these ambiguous topics. ‘Riot’ explores the issue of being silenced and the injustices that exist in the world. In contrast, ‘Runaway’ targets the difficult feelings of wanting to escape and embrace change yet, being tied to the comfort of familiarity in things staying the same. 


Nobody’s Home’ finishes with a track called ‘Build Me A Way Home’, exemplifying his versatility as he explores feelings of being lost in life and looking for a more spiritual way home rather than geographical. Bakar is a voice of a generation, able to document what it means to be a young person in modern London. His originality and authenticity is cutting a new path within the music scene. His mature and introspective style with this album allows him to explore heavy topics such as depression, grief, relationships, and personal identity. 


Ciara Fearn  

Image: Bakar ‘Nobody’s Home’ Official Album Cover  

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