Friday, March 18, 2022

Dive into the Wet Leg Universe with their new single ‘Angelica’

Wet Leg are an indie-pop duo that have stolen the hearts of people from all over the world, all in under a year. 

I’ve personally been obsessed since their first single ‘Chaise Lounge’, and this obsession has grown with each new absurdly fun track they’ve released. 

Friends for a decade, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers decided to start a band “at the summit of a Ferris Wheel” according to their Spotify bio


Together they have since created music that is so atmospheric in an incredibly unique way. Inspired by The Ronettes, Jane Birkin and even French disco the band has released hit after hit, including ‘Wet Dream’ and ‘Oh no’. These powerhouse tracks are full of weird, angsty lyrics, classic alternative beats and a whole world created around them. Each single pairs with a music video that is directed by the bands’ friends, filmed in their hometown, the Isle of Wight. 


All of this musical, magical, friendship is continued with their new single ‘Angelica’. This new song is trippy and laced with disenchantment. The band have stated on their social media that the “synth-kissed journey through parties and regrets” is about Teasdale’s oldest friend. Recorded comfortably in their living room. The song takes on an absurd and sardonic sound in a way that feels similar to Bjork or Talking Heads.  


While this one still has silly lyrics, they are a bit less abstract as it’s easy to pick out that the tune is about social angsts as the listener follows Angelica to a party she does not want to be at. It talks about the social expectation, with contrasting verses like “I look at my feet then I look at the door” and “I don’t know what I’m even doing here” to the chorus that repeats “Good times all the time”, which are all set to a psychedelic dancey backing. 


The band has reached success with a US/European tour that was already extended, and are filling up tents at music festivals with only five singles. They are set to release their debut album on April 8 which will be full of more tunes rejecting the societal norms and embracing the sparkling imaginations these two have. 


Give into weird - if you’re not already obsessed with them like I am, you should be. 

Hope Orr 


Image: ‘Angelica’ Official Single Cover  

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