Thursday, March 10, 2022

‘Pisces Moon’, the spiritual heartbreak from Flower Face

Ruby Mckinnon, the Canadian alt-music star, goes by the name Flower Face. She brought her music to life in 2017 at the age of 16 and has thrived creatively since. Her music is graceful and elegant like the lyrics she writes are fluent in her mind. 

The latest single ‘Pisces Moon’ runs deep in melancholy and sorrow. This track is subtle with meaning but deeply penetrating for the listener. “I feel your love secondhand / It’s someone else’s flowers on the table but I don’t mind.” It’s about loving someone and the pain of not having them love you back, but despite intense feelings, there’s a sense of serenity and calm before the storm.

The vocals are incredibly smooth and effortless like the words just roll off the tongue, providing a real similarity to alternative artists such as renforshort and girl in red. Mckinnon creates songs that could be described as ‘rainy-day-music’ and she has this ability to capture so many emotions into a single track. ‘Pisces Moon’ is gloomy and downcast yet greatly uplifting and enlightening.  

The instrumental runs along with the lyrics so peacefully that it’s easy to almost forget they are two separate components of the track. Starting out with the single piano notes and gradually bringing in the drums intensifies the song, drawing in the listener to experience the full force of the track in its entirety.

Without a definite chorus, this song is a direct ejection of emotion. It spills out and creates an ambience of tranquility mixed with the feeling of passionate love and betrayal. With live show dates yet to be revealed, we can only dream of the atmospheric waves that fill venues and stadiums at Flower Face gigs, hopefully in the near future.

Anna Scrimgeour


Image ‘Pisces Moon’ Official Single Cover

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