Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Nina Nesbitt looks inward on new track, ‘When You Lose Someone’

Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt is an old hand when it comes to the pop music scene, with two critically acclaimed albums already under her belt. Her latest release, nonetheless, proves that she is still capable of surprise.

‘When You Lose Someone’ is a gentle, strings-led ballad swapping out upbeat indie for heartfelt meditations on love and loss.

Nesbitt’s voice combines an admirable vocal prowess with palpable vulnerability, alternating between moments of falsetto and an emotive lower register. 

The track, meanwhile, explores the complexity of losing “somebody you love” and grappling with the staying power of those feelings. “I thought it’d only be a moment,” she sings, “like a night of summer rain / But it’s a landslide of emotion / every day”.

'When You Lose Someone’ was preceded by two more lively singles last year. ‘Summer Fling’is a synth-pop dance track, and ‘Life’s A Bitch (L.A.B)’ is an empowering look at the difficulty of the past few years. Although her latest single sees Nesbitt in new, highly vulnerable lyrical territory, it adheres to the same theme as the last two in its search for the beauty within feelings of pain. 

The accompanying music video for ‘When You Lose Someone’ further elevates the track’s heartfelt message, exploring the mystical presence of lost loved ones in our lives by depicting them as made up of stardust.

Ahead of her third studio album, expected later this year, Nesbitt is touring across North America with the musician James Arthur in April. She also has two upcoming shows in London and Glasgow this month. You can check out her website for a full list of performance dates and information.

Eleanor Burleigh


 Image: ‘When You Lose Someone’ Official Single Cover

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