Friday, March 11, 2022

Pixia solidifies her staple synth-pop sound once again with newest release, ‘Prince Paradox’

Having only released her debut EP 'Morphia' back in 2021, UK-based singer songwriter Pixia has already created an enticing, magnetic energy surrounding her music.  

The latest track 'Prince Paradox' expels the same sonic components that establish her signature sound: effortless vocals, observational lyricism and pulsating synths.  

The title 'Prince Paradox' itself perfectly reflects the song's sentiment as Pixia describes her struggle to understand the emotional complications of an ever-changing relationship. Unable to recognise if the prince in question sees himself as more of a brother or lover to her, Pixia is left asking "how can I work you out?" throughout the track.  

Pixia manages to make bold observations in the most casual of ways which only adds more character and depth to the story she is weaving. By claiming "catch me off guard / put me to the test" and "you own a part of everyone you meet", the listener immediately has an instinctual understanding of the character's personality and demeanour, painting a clearer picture of the situation Pixia finds herself in.  

It takes true talent to be able to transport your audience to a different scene entirely, whilst keeping them grounded enough to appreciate the details of the piece; the increasing intensity of the synths, the textured layers, and intricate percussion all contribute towards keeping the song fresh and catchy. 

It’s clear that Pixia and music are two entities meant to fuse together.  Performing live since the age of 5 and gradually building an impressive 20,000 followers across her social channels, ‘Prince Paradox’ only further secures her place in a competitive industry that she is clearly ready to cut through. 


Rachel Feehan 

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee 

Image: Pixia ‘Prince Paradox’ Official Single Cover

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