Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Pixies’ new single impeccably portrays human kindness

Pixies have been producing music for over 35 years, brilliantly influencing the sounds of Nirvana and Radiohead

Continuously proving to be a greatly talented group of performers, their style is associated with 1990s-inspired alternative featuring elements of punk-rock. 

In their new single ‘Human Crime’, this genre stands out impressively. 

The dynamics of it are clearly thought out and structured in a captivating and engaging manner. 

The song is a call or a plea for human tenderness and kindness to return to humanity entirely. The lyrics of the chorus, “Don’t’ you be unkind / That’s a human crime” provide an important and passionate message about human relationships; failure to treat others with love, respect, and general kindness is fundamentally against the qualities of humanity. The lyrics initially refer to “no goodbye kiss”, implying an intimate relationship with a lack of compassion. The song disputes this concept, arguing that humans should love and be tender towards one another to achieve peace in society. 

‘Human Crime’ opens quietly before incorporating more voluminous chords in the build-up to the first verse. This creates an atmosphere of anticipatory passion, much like the moment before a kiss with a lover. This intimate atmosphere allows listeners to become involved in the message and perspective, spreading the band’s message of universal love to as many people as they can. Upon hearing this song for the first time, the listener will undoubtedly transform into a devoted Pixies fan. The band can reach a wider audience with every song they produce, a truly magical talent. 

‘Human Crime’ is a song that shall go down in history, with lyrics promoting the biblical ‘love thy neighbour’ message and compelling chords amplifying the band’s message. 


Abby Price 


Image: ‘Human Crime’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)


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