Saturday, March 12, 2022

Dora Jar teases us with the single ‘It’s Random’ ahead of EP release

Dora Jar is a distinctive artist to watch as she paves an enchanting new path within the music industry. The 24-year-old has just released an exciting new single called ‘It’s Random’ ahead of her official EP release ‘Comfortably In Pain.’ 

She explores her state of mind throughout the pandemic and it’s clear that she grapples with issues of the monotonous every day and the aimless, uninspired state of mind. Jar started writing it at the beginning of lockdown and finished it when restrictions began to ease. It’s obvious that this turbulent change of events has affected her sound from calm and fanciful to heavy and anxious. 

Jar has been supporting Billie Eilish on her most recent tour and has gained deserved attention for her quirky dreamscapes and unique sound. Jar transports us to a surreal world with elements of indie-folk to more rock-inspired guitar riffs. 

The musical soundscape produced is fairy-tale-esque, with made-up phrases, short harmonies, and soft guitar riffs to enhance the ambiguity and other-worldly feel. The American bedroom pop musician from Northern California is set to grow, changing your perception of music as she does. The artist is certainly someone to keep your eye on.


Ciara Fearn 

Image: Dora Jar ‘It’s Random’ Official Single Cover

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