Friday, March 11, 2022

Argonauta Release Immersive Single ‘Love Is Everything’

Originally from New York, the progressive duo Argonauta has recently released an eerily poignant single to remind the world that ‘Love Is Everything’ and without it, nothing in life is the same. 

Their third official track follows hot on the heels of the current global crises forcing humanity to build bridges rather than burn them.

The song starts with a subtle and serene-sounding electro-pop approach in the intro as the frontman sings, ‘’You need to know you’re not alone / Love Is Enough to break free’’ and this remains the overriding message throughout the song. The lyrics are accompanied by a melodic piano piece and distorted sensual guitar solo in the outro that embellish the emotional tension to reach fever pitch as ‘’Love Is Everything’’ repeats until the song reaches its conclusion.  

The tempo is relatively slow throughout without much of a dynamic shift in between sections of the song. Both the music and lyrics are sure to have a resounding influence on a wide-ranging global audience as it strikes a chord with a lot of people without taking a glance at the current times. It is well worth downloading this record and adding it to the playlist due to its contagious melodic phrases and harmony alone.  

This is the third single to be officially released by the ever more popular electro-pop duo to emerge from the Big Apple. Be sure to stay tuned to their social media pages to catch their latest releases and upcoming shows. Their British and Irish fan base will undoubtedly be eager to see them make the trip across the Atlantic.

Antony Bailey 


 Image: 'Official 'Love Is Everything' Single Cover (PRESS)

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