Sunday, March 13, 2022

Rae Morris returns with eclectic new single ‘No Woman Is an Island’

Rae Morris makes a comeback, surprising her fans with a new single ‘No Woman Is an Island’. 

Morris captures independence, femininity, and the notion of forging your own path in the world with her single ‘No Woman Is an Island’. She encapsulates the complexities and juxtapositions of modern life with her full-hearted lyrics, elegant strings, and graceful tone.  

It’s clear she has had time to address the untangling of previous experiences within the music industry and she tackles sexism head-on with this new single. 

The official music video is out now and is filmed in her hometown, Blackpool. It’s easy to see how her roots of this small seaside town; the fresh sea air and motion of the waves are echoed in the fluidity of her celestial-sounding music. Her raw honesty and true simplicity make the single magical, compelling and memorable- a true lyrical masterpiece. 

The sound and tone is exquisite and we often find her subject matter to be personal, relatable and touching. Throwing it back to her piano ballad sound of her early EPs, she adds a new element of a wise-lived experience through a lyrically mature perspective. The lonesome melodic dream pop mixture of old and new still stands and her combination of these elements has produced yet again another eclectic mix of organic and electronic sounds. Intimate yet profoundly deep and powerful.  

It’s been a while since we last heard from Rae Morris, four years to be exact. It’s safe to say she’s made a refreshing impact on 2022. 

Ciara Fearn 

Image: ‘No Woman Is an Island’ Official Single Artwork 

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