Thursday, February 03, 2022

The restrictive nature in relinquishing individuality heads up Conan Gray’s new single

Conan Gray is renowned for his sensational talents in the music industry, continuously producing albums and EPs second to none.

According to, the American-born singer-songwriter has achieved the biggest US new artist debut of 2020, having been signed to Republic Records only two years prior to this fantastic achievement.

Aged only 23, Gray has undoubtedly shown remarkable expertise in every one of his tracks; his new single ‘Jigsaw’ follows this pattern wonderfully.

As his first single of the new year, there is no doubt that Gray has incorporated some crucial messages for his listeners within the lyrics, hidden behind musical heaven. The track’s minimalistic beginning completely focuses the listener’s attention on the words, and their tendency to reflect so beautifully the damage loving the wrong person can do to somebody.

With the idea of the track beginning as a diary for the artist, reflections upon the lengths some go to in order to please others can be drawn, discussed, and rejected. The opening lines “If changing my clothes/ Would make you like me more/ If changing my hair/ Would make you care/ Then I’d grab the kitchen scissors/ And cut myself to slivers/ For you” surround listeners with the adversity that change and damage may bring to a person in the eyes of the artist and, subsequently, a dystopian society is implied in the song. As the lyrics move to create an atmosphere of the negative effects of pleasing others whilst discarding one’s own self in “And if I made you like me/ Would I even like myself?” listeners are invited to take away a message of pride; Gray never fails to influence listeners most astoundingly.

The musical transformation of the track from its beginning to its end only acts as a great advantage to the single, replicating ideas of both constant beneficial and unnecessary change. Initially working with a solemn and seemingly restricted melody, Gray mirrors the ideas of restriction in a relationship which suddenly grows into a magical fusion of instruments. This tempo and instrumental change allow listeners to see a sudden unlocking of potential, and how this can arise from expressing individuality and removing toxicity. Although the track continues lyrically as an expression of having to change, the music echoes the freedom that accompanies rejecting this expectation; the guitar riff becomes more prominent as the drums’ intensity vastly increases and allows listeners to headbang and appreciate this amazingly talented artist even more.

Changing traits deemed imperfect is never the best answer, and shouldn’t be an answer at all. Conforming with societal expectations for others’ pleasure is never something to be admired or involved in.

Abby Price 


Image: 'Jigsaw' Official Single Cover

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