Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Los Bitchos Release Playful New Single ‘Pista (Fresh Start)’

The London-based all-female quartet Los Bitchos have returned with the release of their latest single ‘Pista (Fresh Start)' from their upcoming debut album ‘Let The Festivities Begin’, which is scheduled to be released on 4th February. 

The song comes with a mischievous music video, where the band are joking around in the countryside on what appears to be a crispy cold day and can be downloaded from multiple online platforms.   

The band's music is heavily influenced by Colombian Cumbia music, traditionally following a cut-common and 2/4 meter which is heavily syncopated by Latin American-inspired percussion, such as the bongos in addition to the use of a drumkit, which ultimately adds more emphasis on the polyrhythmic patterns. Moreover, the music is purely instrumental and is intended to be used to dance and unwind, which is what the music was traditionally used for - men and women dancing around seated musicians.    

Their sound breathes a breath of fresh air into the thriving underground music scene by daring to do something different as opposed to doing what could arguably be described as the same old generic rock and pop music. The song will lift anybody onto their feet, or at the very least have them tapping their toes as the girls immerse their audience into an innovative new sound that is a product of cosmopolitanism ideals. The binding of cultures truly creates a contagious sound that is ultimately irresistible to not keep on repeat.   

The band have a busy year ahead with the release of their debut album on the horizon combined and a European tour which is due to kick off in Southampton on February 15th. Details of their tour and future release dates can be found on their social media pages so be sure to follow them and stay in the loop! 


Antony Bailey


Image: Official 'Pista (Fresh Start)' Single Cover

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