Friday, February 04, 2022

Blue Violet's latest track will transport you back in time

Husband and wife duo Blue Violet are the latest obsession in the scene.

The part Scottish and part French couple first met at 14 and started creating music almost 10 years later after Sam Gotley heard Sarah Gotley sing in the kitchen.

Together they’ve been in several different groups, touring around the UK and US but Blue Violet is their most recent collaboration and probably their best one yet.

Drawing inspiration from Fleetwood Mac and Mazzy Star they blend folk, indie and Americana with the stories they tell through their music.

Their new single ‘Poster Girl’ is a cinematic ballad with its bittersweet lyrics reflecting on another lifetime. The story of the “Poster girl from 1984” follows the protagonist through her life as a sailor, fighter, traveller, and lover as she fights back against objectification and everything else that holds her back. The song is about fame and women’s rights with it’s hopeful yet heartbreaking lyrics that are delivered so sweetly by Sarah Gotley. It has a more anthemic feel with layers of guitar and synth and an explosion of two drum kits at the end, which Sam Gotley states in an interview is inspired by Lou Reed.

The track tells a story of life and the world- before the world crashes down around the listener as the song ends. It’s movie-like lyrics and classic yet dramatic sound gives it almost a The Mamas and the Papas vibe.

With singles like this already proving their talents for mastering diverse themes and complex narratives, fans can expect intricately crafted, genre-crossing songs of beauty and heartbreak, love and salvation when their debut album ‘Late Night Calls’ arrives in April 2022.

Hope Orr


Image: ‘Poster Girl’ Official Single Artwork

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