Friday, February 11, 2022

sundown ever sundown weaves a poetic take on life and social engagement on new single ‘Blue Soliloquy’

On the cusp of a debut release, Australian singer-songwriter Sam Ferfolja has released a teaser EP by the name of  ‘Blue Soliloquy’ under the project name sundown ever sundown

Boasting not only a beautifully thought-provoking title track, but a new song, 'Pseudo Summer', as well as a demo version for his debut track ‘Beaumont Street’ –  a quaint indie-pop ballad about trekking through a familiar street and the memories that can be attached to it. On his new single 'Blue Soliloquy'Sam draws musical inspiration from the likes of AlvvaysCourtney Barnett and Paul McCartney to pen a tranquil and melodic exploration of life and its troubles.

The track starts off with a shimmering synth patch, followed by a simple acoustic melody with a warm, bluesy guitar solo over top. The first lyrics roll in; "My eyes are painted, I'm blind to the song down the hall. Will I wait for days, skipping rocks over the lake" creating a picturesque description of idle rumination on something just out of reach. A calm atmosphere gives way to a rolling drum pattern that comes in alongside a pensive chorus, featuring the lyrics, "Another lonely night in the castle. Another walk out there in the street. I wish I knew the answers, but it doesn't present to me like it does to you; my blue soliloquy"

After another guitar solo of a similar bluesy ilk to the first, we get a second verse that puts forward a more universal interpretation on the nature of social engagement; "Climb the social ladder, then fall into its ravine, fester amount the resented, take a bow and then leave". Externalizing the profound realization as a theatrical monologue, the track contains a fundamental ethereal quality that Sam perfectly encapsulates in the latter half of this extremely well-structured chorus.

sundown ever sundown is an exciting new act to watch. He cleverly drapes his music in the stylistic traditions of the great folk-inspired singer-songwriters of the past and present and blends that with contemporary indie-pop instrumentation. What is most poignant about his music is the unique use of a poetic lyrical style to convey his vision. Needless to say, there is something here for everyone.


Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Blue Soliloquy'  Official Single Cover

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