Friday, February 11, 2022

Live Wire Share Scintillating New Single ‘Klondike Girl’

The Peterborough-based rock band Live Wire have kickstarted 2022 with the release of their fiery new single titled ‘Klondike Girl’

Their latest track has already been aired on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and can be found on multiple online platforms as it follows hot on the heels of their recent successes such as ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Fence Sitter’ and their debut single ‘Like You Do’.  

Their sound is at times reminiscent of the not too distant ‘90s and early noughties punk rock era which influenced a lot of the musicians on both the British and international music scene today. The music starts with a four-bar phrase as the drums repeat a powerful and forceful fill before being complimented by the bass and distorted electric guitars, stylistic of the punk and indie rock genres. 

Lyrics such as ‘’What are you doing to me / Are you just screwing with me?’’ are open to interpretation but one could think that the frontman sings about being led astray by someone who teases and leads people on, believing they have a shot at a relationship or opportunity before having the rug pulled beneath their feet.  

As mentioned previously, the record starts in an abrupt manner and concludes with ‘’I’m not sure I really want this ‘til you make me really want this’’ before being greeted by a wall of silence as the track reaches its conclusion. Their sound is sure to be welcomed with much appraisal from their growing audience both in the UK and overseas in addition to spreading messages of love, lust, and ambiguity, it is sure to resonate with a lot of people.  

Stay tuned to the band’s website and social media pages for future releases and live updates over the course of 2022 as they begin to reach far beyond the confines of their hometown of Peterborough. 

Antony Bailey 


 Image: Official 'Klondike Girl' Single Cover

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