Friday, February 11, 2022

Rex Orange County provides a motivational gateway, encouraging listeners to ‘KEEP IT UP’

British icon Alexander James O’Connor, known professionally by his stage name Rex Orange County, has released a teaser for his new album, and it is taking the music scene by storm. 

Rising to fame initially in 2017 following his appearance on Tyler, the Creator’s album ‘Flower Boy’, the artist has been creating a fusion of bedroom pop, indie rock, and hip-hop music for a while now, and listeners cannot get enough of his music. 

At 23-years-old, Rex Orange County has released three studio albums and is set to release his fourth in March this year. The new song ‘KEEP IT UP’ is truly a testament to his wonderful talents. 

The song begins with a gentle orchestral opening before listeners are treated to a steadier beat and lo-fi sound. The song features a blend of both music types, and casually returns to one or the other throughout the song. This creates a feeling of fluidity in the song, coupled with ingenious lyrics. Rex’s lyrics empower and motivate listeners, whilst encouraging all to keep going, even in the darkest of times. The title line of “Keep it up and go on'' is a testament to the positive message. Despite life being “so frustrating”, the artist lyrically motivates others to carry on when faced with life’s adversities. 

Giving his song the personal touch, Rex’s use of first-person pronouns at the song’s beginning encourages listeners to acknowledge their struggles and keep fighting to overcome them. The lines “I guess it’s stress / It’s making me feel so depressed / Most my life, I’ve felt so tired / But every now and then when I try, I say / Keep it up and go on” undoubtedly flourish listeners with a light in the darkness that can consume society, placed upon citizens by pressures in school and work, by the media, and online especially. It’s a magical and inspiring piece of art, brought to the word of music by a performer like no other.

The orchestral outro and gentle atmosphere of the song reinforces these ideas and allows listeners to become more relaxed and feel the burden that can accompany life’s struggles float away.

Listeners have been itching to hear this song since Rex’s teaser on TikTok, and now cannot wait any longer for the full album!

Abby Price 


Image: Rex Orange County ‘KEEP IT UP’ Official Single Cover

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