Friday, February 18, 2022

‘Suffocate’ In SALt’s Powerful Lyrics And Grungy Post-Punk Pop Sound

Hitting listeners with their signature piercing lyrics and thick guitar lines, alternative post-punk pop group SALt have released ‘Suffocate’ in aid of  Medical Aid for Palestinians. 

An independent band hailing from Edinburgh, SALt write, record, and produce all of their own music, and that process is no different with ‘Suffocate’. Made up of vocalist Sharon Woods, guitarist Robin Woods, bassist Simon Kettles, and James King on the keyboard and drums, the band have solidified themselves as confidently genre-fluid.  

The track is a clear and passionate call to arms for positive social change - “We should love the human race / We should treat them with some grace”‘Suffocate’ explores the deep emotions connected to the refugee crisis and the helplessness people may feel, knowing people in power have, as SALt put it, “Money that could feed an entire nation”. However, SALt are not ignorant to their position and situation, mentioning "They have nothing / we have more" and then rounding off each chorus asking, “But who the hell am I to write this?”  

Providing listeners with haunting chords and dark, somber keyboard melodies, the track is immediately emotional and reflective. The layers of harmonies in the chorus only bring more attention to SALt’s clear message and how they want to help in whatever ways they can.  

The song comes to a melancholy but powerful crescendo as lead vocalist Sharon repeats “I hope you suffocate”. The final two lines really top off this melancholy feel, leaving the listeners with the band’s clear stance on the situation, and something to consider as the song ends- “Suffocate in money / Narcissistically the rich will always win”.  

You can purchase the song on Bandcamp as well as donate more to their chosen charity here. 


Robyn Hill 


Image: ‘Suffocate’ Official Single Cover 

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