Friday, February 18, 2022

Eruption Artistique Release Lively And Ambient ‘Vicar The Licker’

The Dutch electro-pop duo Eruption Artistique have been occupied with the recent release of their latest offering ‘Vicar The Licker’ lately. The black ‘n’ white themed music video is enlightening to say the least and can be streamed online as they take the audience on a trip around their home with visits to the port of Rotterdam and the city center.  

Their sound has been self-described as Indie rock ‘n’ roll and at times appears to be heavily influenced by the German electro-rock band Kraftwerk. It is worth mentioning that the music also sounds like a product of the thriving Dutch underground music scene which is packed with untapped talent looking to be the cutting edge of an ever-evolving music scene. 

The song starts with a deep driving bass and electro-pop groove to set up the first verse which includes the opening line ‘’I like to be a man / I like to be a girl’. The lyrics at times are almost inaudible as the mix makes the vocals sound as if they are being mumbled through an outdated crackly tannoy system. The music is embellished with synths, trumpets, bongos, and two-part harmony and concludes with a sixteen-bar instrumental outro which contains a rather abrupt fade to bring the song to an end. 

The song will strike a chord with a wide-ranging audience, reminding the older generation of the ‘80s electro era as it is merged with modernity to create a distinct sound. Their captured sound is not only creative, but it also captivating as it carries a notion of mystery and uncertainty by leading its audience on a journey of discovery and unchartered territory. Anthemic, playful, bizarre, and groovy all come to mind when tuning in to this track for the first time so be sure to follow the duo’s social media pages to stay in the loop for upcoming releases and events.   

Antony Bailey  


 Image: Official 'Vicar The Licker' Single Cover

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