Thursday, February 17, 2022

Foals bring a glimmer of joy with '2am'

One of Oxford’s finest musical outputs has returned to tease their latest album with a brand new single, ‘2am’.

An unmistakable kickback against the colossal bleakness of lockdown Britain, lead singer, Yannis Philippakis, tells NME that their latest songs are “solid good times - an explosion of energy and emotion”.


Despite the sad yet noble departure of founding keyboardist, Edwin Congreave, who left the band to pursue further studies to fight the climate crisis, Foals have taken the shakeup in their stride, proven in this sharp and streamlined production of dance escapism. 


The song emits the familiar joy of waking up after a night out to discover you’ve escaped the hangover, you’re ready to do it all again, you’re dancing around the breakfast table, wait, you’re still drunk. It’s the escape from the harsh realities outside our bedroom windows that make this record all the more joyful.


If ‘2am’ is an accurate reflection of what is to come from Foals, regardless of what state England is in by the summer, we can rely on Foals to bring the good feeling back. 


Some listeners may prefer their music to be a more visceral reflection of the real world, but Foals remind us of the joy still to be had in the simple things like a good melody and backbeat.


Foals will begin their long-anticipated UK and European tours this April.



Max Bover


Image: ‘2am’ official single artwork (PRESS)

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