Monday, February 28, 2022

Snail Mail releases ‘Adore You’

Lindsey Jordan (also known as Snail Mail) has been releasing emotive, indie rock since she broke out on the scene with her critically acclaimed EP ‘Habit’ back in 2016. Featuring the stunning indie-rock hit ‘Thinning’, it was clear then that Lindsey will be something special, and she has only grown from strength to strength since, now on her second full studio album.

She has treated her fans to a Valentine’s Day gift, an early demo named ‘Adore You’, a song which eventually evolved into the title track of her sophomore album ‘Valentine’, released last year. 

Featuring a DIY feel production, stripped down of the eventual studio effects and finishes we hear on ‘Valentine’, becoming much more poignant and personal. 

The 1975-esque guitar leads the song, drenched in reverb effects, it is allowed to echo throughout the track. Ghost-like synths and haunting backing vocals swell and contract in the background, adding some layering to the linear mix. Jordan’s voice is beautifully shaky, showing vulnerability and pure emotion, becoming almost tearful at times towards the outro. 

Adore You’ is an interesting insight into Snail Mail’s writing process, allowing the listener to listen to the more intimate and personal early stages of what would become the title track of her latest album.

Dan Jones
Image: ‘Adore You’ Official Single Cover (Press)

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